About Us


Mastery Systems has discovered a new Conscious Human Operating System fostering powerful upgrades in personal and organizational life through a series of expanding octaves structured for continuous improvement. Our workshops, seminars and other events guide participants to manifest their highest potential in a world often perceived as complex, stressful and demanding.

Our system is based in the experience that healthy individuals and systems reach their highest potential when they become conscious of the deeper meaning of verbal and non-verbal language, body language, and other signals from the other-than-conscious self.


The Mastery Systems facilitates outcomes that are aligned with Heart, Spiritual Values and Purest Desires. We partner with participants in actualizing the basic principles of Mastery Systems: Your own Heart already has your solution, and All Coaching is Self-Coaching.

The primary assertion of Mastery Systems is: Every human being, group, family, and organization is most effectively served by mastering its own Life Path. Mastery Systems awakens the masterful Self Coach within each of us. Our Life Upgrade Coaching techniques empower, encourage, and enlighten our participants to remember and apply victorious choices to thrive.

Through our Conscious Human Operating System individuals develop their own natural capacity to function as an aware, personally responsible, fully sovereign, co-creative being. Participants then gather in our centers in a spirit of optimism and caring. The high quality of their new relationships create beloved communities and caring corporations able to function in optimal effectiveness, achieving excellence of performance in identifying and attaining their mission --- their purpose for being. This is The Mastery Systems contribution to global Consciousness.

Our system is also based on our experience that the positive blessings endowed in each individual is a birthright derived from universal principles of forgiveness and love. We base our system on modern science including quantum physics, evolutionary biology, mind-body integration, evolutionary psychology, reflective practices and spiritual expansion.

Mastery Systems events employ a human technology that encourages participants to fundamentally reframe their beliefs about current situations, issues, or conditions, into their Highest Choices. Individuals, communities, businesses and other organizations discover new strategies to apply their latent talent and wisdom to daily upgrade opportunities.