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Your Thoughts and Words
Contain Miracles

Through Conscious Language™, every challenge in your life can be corrected by simply upgrading your thought, word and feeling patterns. What would it mean to re-discover the secret of the language that heals our deepest hurts, breathes life into our greatest joys, and literally creates reality itself? You can find out today with Conscious Language™ – The Logos of Now!

Conscious Language™ – The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens is back in Stock!


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Upgrade YOUR Life YOUR way at your chosen pace.

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A wide range of courses supporting participants in making empowered choices to manifest their highest potential, transcending a complex, stressful and demanding world.


A great place to start, our books are the foundation for remembering Conscious Language™.

Live Virtual Courses

Learn with a group live online though real-time Virtual Courses.

Online Courses

Learn through pre-recorded online courses at your own pace.

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Travel to experience a Mastery Systems class live in-person.

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The answers to life’s challenges are already inside of you.
You hold the key.