Do You Know...

Your Thoughts and
Words Contain Miracles

Through Conscious Language™, every challenge in your life can be corrected by simply upgrading your thought, word and feeling patterns.

Upgrade YOUR Life YOUR way at your chosen pace

At Mastery Systems, we deliver a wide range of courses supporting participants in making empowered choices to manifest their highest potential, transcending a complex, stressful and demanding world.

Individual Study

Learn at your own pace through, books, DVDs or pre-recorded online courses that are hosted on our Customerhub.

Group Classes

Learn with a group online though real-time Virtual Courses on Zoom or in-person at live events.


Our coaches facilitate outcomes that are aligned with Heart, Spiritual Values and Purest Desires.

Our New Membership Program Offers AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERY LEVEL

We meet You Where You Are

Student Experiences

"Understanding the power you receive when you truly know you have choice; Choice to choose your words, choice of how you feel, choice of your actions; is the first step to taking control and responsibility for yourself. From this point the world is your oyster and you become the beautiful pearl within it."

-Irene Hammond

"Bob’s work is profound. Words have power and Bob helped me to be aware of what I was saying and how my word showed up as aspects of my life. I was amazed how the body also speaks volumes if you know how to understand its language. I am grateful to Bob and the entire team at Mastery Systems."

-Susan Lowe

"I would highly recommend Mastery Systems and my experience has been only positive. When Bob presenting his material, I remember and I am made new. My biggest take away is how sacred the human body is at all level of consciousness."

-Amy Wilcox

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