Today: January 20, 2022 1:58 pm
Today: January 20, 2022 1:58 pm

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Agree with the frequency in action of your Young Living Essential Oils™ with exacting decrees! Find them in My Word Made Flesh!

My Word Made Flesh, written by Robert Tennyson Stevens (Founder and CEO of Mastery Systems International Inc.) with Marcella Vonn Harting, PhD. (Founder of Highest Potential Academy), and Foreword by Mary Young (Co-Founder and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils™), is Pre-Launching at a substantial savings from retail.

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Learn to live your highest choices with Grace and Ease.
Through our classes, you can easily gain awareness of exactly what you are manifesting in every moment and create the life of your dreams!
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Watch the video below to hear Marcella Vonn Harting speak about her experience with My Word Made Flesh.

"Within minutes of hearing Marcella Vonn Harting speak, I felt the fires in my belly ignite.

Her passion for and knowledge of essential oils is remarkable. Her adoration and focus, her overall wisdom for life and who she is radiates in every word and every thought in every fiber of her being.

To experience Robert Tennyson Stevens and Marcella Vonn Harding in one book truly is a gift from God. It is such an honor to possess this book and the knowledge contained within the pages. I have spent my life studying with many health professionals and many modalities.

My Word Made Flesh truly is the” Pot of Gold” at the end of the my rainbow. MY WORD MADE FLESH is a gift to our planet and my invitation for radiant health, abundance and a glorious love filled life."
Victoria Hughes

Our My Word Made Flesh digital book is available now, AND it just got an UPGRADE! 

The content in My Word Made Flesh is so important, we know you will require consistent access on the go!

Mastery Systems developed a beautiful, digital, SEARCHABLE version of our new book, My Word Made Flesh, and it is ready to drop into your Customer HUB! You can have instant availability and access to the entire book on your preferred device and at your fingertips at all times.

Our new searchable version requires a subscription.
Investment starts at $10/month. 

My Word Made Flesh

The answers to life’s challenges are already inside of you.
You hold the key.

What is Mastery Systems?

Mastery Systems is a human upgrade system. We foster sequential shifts in awareness and consciousness.

Our language shapes our Consciousness. When we deeply feel the meaning of each word we say, it can actually create physical manifestation in our world.

Conscious Language is the key to living your life fully with grace and ease. By learning and implementing Conscious Language tools, you can unlock your dreams today and live your best life.

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