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We are awakening our world to the benefits of finding and making our HIGHEST CHOICES through Conscious Language™


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Conscious Language The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens
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  • Specific examples for effectively upgrading your language

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Develop the skills in body, mind and spirit with our Conscious Human Operating System offered through Mastery Systems.


Connect with like minded individuals practicing and living Conscious Language, Imagination Activation, Sacred Body Language and MORE...

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In addition to our live classes, our online and home study courses give you the freedom to upgrade from your home, office or even your car.

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Mastery Systems provides a uniquely integrated sequence of experiences that awaken individuals, families, communities and organizations in finding and living their highest values with Grace and ease.

We are a global community of self-empowered, values-driven Coaches and Facilitators. We develop and support community-based leaders and centers delivering systematized training and coaching that engages participants in making self-empowered, conscious choices that transform and elevate the basic nature of human and organizational relationships.


I have never had immediate results or life shifts and transitions like I've had since I began studying Bob's literature, listening to his conference calls, taking virtual classes and attending his workshops.

- C. Weaver

The tools that conscious language has given me has allowed me to create my entire new reality where, I am personally fulfilled in my life and I have my loving family too.  It was a choice.  In a moment I chose to view my life from different perspective and I said yes to my enjoyment, and I created a greater level of faith within myself to blaze forward and create a new path for my life.

-D. Knipfing

This last several days SHIFTED MY world. Bob is the most loving and magical coach for ME. Wise as the serpent, loving as a dove.

- A. Pawlak

Bob Steven's delivers his, "Love & Wisdom," in such a light-hearted, fun, and grace-filled manner, that I am left with the feeling, that my automatic-thriving, and, my already, Masterful-Life, is permanently guaranteed.

- B. McCarty

As co-creators of our own reality, our thoughts and spoken words are the greatest influence in the outcomes we experience. Conscious language has effectively given me the power to establish the framework of my perception of self, my work, my purpose and my success… of which I am experiencing in great abundance and with renewed gratitude.   

-E. Sterling

Conscious Languaging gave my life and my God back to me.  Through Mastery training, I re-connected to my body’s intelligence and established extremely valuable lines of communication with my body, allowing the life force energy of ‘yes’ to flow more freely, improving my health and my enthusiasm for living. In addition, I experienced a re-connection to my faith and I now connect with my God on a higher, richer level. 

-L. Chacon