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Calling all Hearts!

Have you been battling new levels of stress in your life?

Have you been juggling greater amounts of outside influences and circumstances which seem uncontrollable?

If you could, would you stand in your Commitment to Thrive and Change your life?

How would you like to have the tools to bring forth Miracles in your life?

Our current life circumstances are here because of our Consciousness. I know, a bit Challenging to realize, yet still true! Our Words, Thoughts and Feelings create our life experience. You can create by default or design. Creating by default is where it seems life is doing us. Life by design is where you develop and practice the skills to shape your words, thoughts and feelings CONSCIOUSLY, and you become an Empowered Conscious Creator

Mastery Systems is unique. The technologies presented through our University Model will change how you see life. Often times we may think that we were dealt a limited hand. As if the game was being determined for us and we have no control. What if the “fabric” of our reality is much thinner than we thought? What if you could literally shape your own reality according to your hearts top priority and coalesce, attract and magnetize your beautiful Victorious life? You Can!

In my experience, Our Tools and Technologies have produced miraculous results for myself and hundreds of thousands of people. Join our Global Community in our first time, one of a kind course.


What is a Mastermind?

This course is the first of its kind. The concept of a mastermind has been talked about over the ages. Napoleon Hill’s definition beautifully describes our focus. 

The “Master Mind” – a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.

~ Napoleon Hill

We are drawing forth something that is new to our planet. You most likely have made your way here because you have at some point asked for a new way of being, a new way of drawing forth into this physical reality. Coming together is like creating a womb to make it happen.


When are the calls?

Our group will come together every Sunday evening, here are the dates and times:

Sunday March 31, 2013 – 8:30 PM EST 

The First call is our gift to you and the actual series is monthly, starting April 7th

Sunday April 7, 2013 – 8:30 PM EST

Sunday April 14, 2013 – 8:30 PM EST

Sunday April 21, 2013 – 8:30 PM EST 

Sunday April 28, 2013 – 8:30 PM EST

This is a conference call format from your home phone. Every call is recorded and you will receive the recording first thing Monday morning. Even if you don’t register for the series you can still join us for the first call this Sunday March 31st at 8:30 PM EST. Click the link below to register for this free call.

Listen to the recording of the first intro call and click below. This was a powerful call, a lot of distinctions were made on how to use the system to produce results. 


What will you learn?

Education is a funny thing. If you are anything like most Americans, at some point you received traditional education which may have seemed like a detour from the truth. Napoleon Hill defines education in a magnificent way.

The word educate has its roots in the Latin word educo which means to develop FROM WITHIN; to educe; to draw out; to grow through the law of USE. Nature hates idleness in all its forms. She gives continuous life only to those elements which are in use.”

~ Napoleon Hill

I know, powerful statement right. Most traditional educational models impose information. Learn, Memorize, regurgitate seems to be the MO. Not all the time, but most. Imagine what our world would be like if our True Nature was developed FROM WITHIN and expressed. Wow! To quote Sam Cooke, “What a wonderful world this would be”. Now is the time and YOU are essential in the creation of our new humanity. 


In our time together we will…

  • Master Conscious Language
  • Walk yourself upscale using the Scale of Emotional Harmonics
  • Master the 5 Actions for Engaging Your Current Consciousness
  • Refine and Magnify “The Seed Trinity” of Word, Thought and Feeling

Your successful Mastery and application of these technologies will yield major manifestations in your life. It may seem like miracles are just happening in your life one after another. 

“A man may become a walking encyclopedia of knowledge without possessing any power of value. This knowledge becomes power only to the extent that it is organized, classified and put into action.”

~ Napoleon Hill 


What happens when all this amazing knowledge

is put into action? MIRACLES!

Here is a great analogy that puts everything into perspective. You can probably relate to the food comparison if you have ever tried to “watch” what you eat. Sometimes it can be a bit of work.

“Choosing loving thoughts over fearful delusions was a trough transition at first. It seems easy-who doesn’t want to trade in fear for love? But giving up fear is like giving up sugar: they’re both sneaky ingredients that hide out in almost everything. And just when you think you’ve got that craving under control, suddenly it rears its not-so-pretty head again. Therefore, releasing fearful patterns isn’t for dabblers. It requires diligence and commitment. It requieres you to become a full-on miracle worker.”

~ Gabrielle Bernstein,  Author of “May Cause Miracles”

Mastery Systems Mastermind was created to provide the support and encouragement required to fully embody the technologies necessary to have personal success in upgrading your life. In addition to your weekly call, you can send in questions each week. The collective topics will be addressed. This is a very high level course, a collaboration of Genius Hearts if you will. A powerful synergy will develop and Create conscious partnerships. This is where associations and affiliations are created. Team networks. Each week is a collaboration and mentoring. 

Imagine what connections you will make in our time together. Imagine the Conscious networks and team building that happened as a result of our time together. Imagine what your life is like now that you have participated and contributed to our powerful group. 

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